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  • Lori Adams

The Day I Threw Out The Word Perfect

The struggle is real! Perfectionism runs deep in my family. However, with each generation it seems to gets less and less, thank the Lord. I also found as I have gotten older my need to have things be "just so" have lost some momentum. But I realize it's a battle I must fight each and everyday. Starting this blog is me throwing out the word perfect! If I waited for everything to be perfect, like I used to, I would never do anything!

I think as women, especially, we desire things to be just right, or perfect if you will? And now that the holidays are upon us, it can be even more intense. The tree and decorations need to look just right. We must buy the perfect gifts, and oh, don't forget all the baking we want to do. We want things to be "Hallmark Movie Perfect." I mean come on, it's not really Christmas unless you've had a snowball fight and baked gingerbread cookies. And don't forget the "perfect kiss" at the end.

Life is messy and can never be perfect. We know that innately, and yet we seem to always strive for it.

I am sure Mary,(Miriam in Hebrew) the mother of Jesus didn't picture her life taking the twists and turns it did. Here she is, a young teenage girl betrothed to Joseph, and well, I could go on, but we all know the story. I think the most astonishing thing is her response to the imperfect way in which her life is about to unfold.

Luke 1:38

And Mary said, "Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word." And the angel departed from her.

WHAT? "Let it be"...... What faith, what belief in the Lord! I think from her response we see why she was highly favored and the Lord chose her for this amazing journey. We know the "rest of the story", however, she did not!

My encouragement to us all is to be willing to say, "let it be", not just during this holiday season, but each and everyday as we journey and follow the Lord. It's not going to be perfect, let's throw that word out today!! There is only ONE perfect person and His name is Jesus, and they nailed Him to a cross. Let's embrace the word peace, not perfect.

And you have the Perfect Prince of Peace to look to each and everyday of your life.

Thank you Jesus!

As we get closer to Christmas Day, make every effort to set aside all the distractions and intentionally get with the Lord and allow Him to reveal Himself to you in a mighty way. It's so cliche, but Jesus, and His birth is the greatest and most perfect gift of all. Given to us by a perfect God at the perfect time and place. Make room by yourself and those you love, to thank your Heavenly Father for that gift, a gift we didn't deserve. The Prince of Peace, Jesus!!!!

Merry Christmas

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