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  • Lori Adams


I am sure you have heard the phrase, "riding on their coattails?" It's actually used quite a bit in the political arena. If the current sitting President is doing well, and a majority of the population is satisfied with the job he is doing, Congressmen, Senators and even Governors of the same party will usually "ride on his coattails" to victory in the upcoming elections. However, if his popularity is failing, these same people will run away as fast as they can and disassociate themselves from him. His coattails mean nothing. You can see this is a very self-serving mindset.

We hear all the time that being a Christian is not about a religion, it's all about a relationship. It's all about Jesus and His love for us and our love for Him, and how we should desire to obey and honor Him. We should be studying and reading the living Word of God, spending time in prayer, and so on. You get the picture.

But I have a question for you.....a real question.

A question I pray you will take the time to think on and answer honestly.

Is your relationship with Jesus yours, or are you trying to ride on the coattails of someone else?

Maybe it's a Pastor, spouse, friend, parent, sibling, or popular speaker you follow. Are you looking to them for your relationship with Jesus? Do you let them spoon-feed you and tell you what the scriptures say, or do you open up the Bible for yourself? Do you follow their lead or are you led by the Holy Spirit? Do you have personal prayer time, or do you let others pray for you? Oh I know, the first reaction might be, "No way, my relationship with Jesus is my own." But I genuinely ask you to take time and search your heart. Ask the Lord to reveal if that's what you are doing.

Because the reality is, we cannot ride on anyone's coattails to Heaven.....


Your Victory is in Him and Him alone!

Only the personal relationship you have with Jesus will take you to Him both here and in Heaven!

Listen, relationships are hard, they take a lot of work, time, and effort. The same rings true with our relationship with Jesus. You are only as close to Jesus as you choose to be, that is a fact. I would never dream of asking another person to be a stand-in, if you will, for my relationship with my husband. But so many times we look to other people, whoever that might be, to direct and be a "fill in" for our relationship with Jesus. Or we think, I am going to church, that's enough, I am here to tell you, in love. NO, it is NOT! The church is a means to the end, not the end itself.......


Your relationship with Jesus, and Jesus Himself, should be intimate, cherished, and your very own.

Look to Jesus, not others. Let Him alone fill your cup, make your Way, direct your steps, and be your Lord!

Lean on HIM, rely on HIM, depend on HIM, Seek Him, and most importantly...



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1 Comment

Priscilla Barron
Apr 15, 2021

Thank you Lori, a great message to ponder and seek God to reveal anything or anyone I may place before Him.

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