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  • Lori Adams

Jesus Sees the Mess

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

a stock photo of a young woman staring a pile of over whelming dirty dishes on her counter.

Do you scramble to clean your house when you know you have company coming over?

You recruit everyone in the family to pick up the mess. You want the house to look suitable for your guest! (Key word, •guest•).

We all do it, but why?

We don’t want them to see how we really live. That would just be embarrassing. I mean no one could possibly live the way we live.


It’s such deception as we desire to be something we really aren’t. We don’t want to invite them, our guests, into our mess. We want them to only see what we wish or desire things to really be like.

But that’s just simply not possible if you’re really living.

“Mess” is a part of life.

We know at some point our guests will leave and we can go back to living the way we really do. And the house can get messy again


Here is our spiritual take away........

When we come surrendered and into a personal relationship with Jesus, sometimes we treat Him like a “guest”. We try and pick up the mess and make things appear to be in proper order. Maybe we shove the “mess” into another room and close the door behind us, hoping to keep Him out and unable to see all the junk! Like we really have that much control, oh how we can deceive ourselves.

Meanwhile, Jesus is trying to get us to understand, He’s NOT a guest, or shouldn’t be. HE IS LORD!

The best thing we can ever do is invite Him into our mess, our junk, our sin and humbly ask Him to rule and reign in EVERY area of our lives.

No matter what!

May I tell you a secret?


He sees the mess!

Yes, that’s terrifying and yet powerful all at the same time.

If you want true freedom, from your mess, your junk, and your sin, you have to SEE your need and then SEE Your Savior, Jesus!

And only then can you humbly open that room in your heart filled with all the junk, the mess, the sin and say....... “Here Lord Jesus, take it, forgive me, cleanse me, purify me, and make me new!”

Don’t treat Jesus, Your Savior like a guest!

Worship Him as LORD & KING!

After all, HE IS!!!!

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