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  • Kayla O'Leary

I'm a Mom, Lord, fill my cup

On a rare occasion in this busy mom season where Kallee (my 2-month baby girl) is still trying to figure out sleeping, I woke up at 6 am and she was still sleeping. Praise the Lord!

Life has been crazy ( I have 3 more children, (almost 7 yr. old,4 yr. old and almost 2) as you can imagine and I desperately need my quiet time with the Lord. Unfortunately, that has been few and far between. But as Kallee slept, I snuck out of my room and made my coffee. Sat down with my Bible and my Mom's Help Club Devotion. I've been reading a devotion on discipleship for your children. This devotion is filled with encouragement and practical tips on how to disciple my children on a daily basis.

The particular devotion I read this morning used the very true analogy of filling our cups first so that we may pour out to our families. But I feel like, because of an experience I had yesterday, God revealed something new to me about this analogy.

While it’s so important to fill ourselves fully first, there can be things that are working against us if we aren’t paying close attention.

We can have holes in our cups, if you will, leaking small and sometimes large amounts of the very Living Water we so desperately need. Especially as moms.

It may be unconfessed sin, anger, or pride. For me, it was a grievance with a loved one. And because I hate confrontation of any kind, I’ve avoided dealing with this leak or hole for months. However, it had to be dealt with. This created such anxiety in me, it physically affected me. But I was lovingly reminded that when we have an issue with someone it can truly affect OUR personal relationship with the Lord. And I would never want that. So, it gave me just enough courage and strength to face my situation head-on.

While praying all the way over to see this loved one, I still was unsure how the conversation would go. But once there, I realized how much we both felt the same way and wanted to be on good terms again! God is so good!

We must allow the Holy Spirit to not just be a part of those conversations but to let Him lead them. He came in and smoothed over the hurts and wrongs that had been done. He softened both hearts to hear one another. And for the first time in a while, I felt a sense of relief I didn’t know I needed.

I had closed a hole in my cup I didn’t realize needed closing. It’s no longer leaking the Living Water I work so hard to fill myself with!

Maybe you too are trying so hard to fill yourself with Jesus, the Living Water, but don’t realize you have a leak or a hole as I did. I want to encourage you to search your heart. Have a conversation with the Lord about your relationships or anything else that might be going on in your heart that's been keeping you from Him fully. Let the Holy Spirit speak to you and be willing to obey if He shows you anything you might need to address in your life.

I promise in the end it will be worth it!

No leaks, no holes

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