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  • Lori Adams

Cry Out

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

The book of Judges is about the decay and idolatry of the new generation of Israelites. Their parents had failed to teach them that Yahweh is the One true God. They didn’t acknowledge or remember the amazing, miraculous things He had done for Israel.

As you read in this book, every time they encountered pain and suffering, they would cry out to God, and in His mercy, He would raise up a godly judge to deliver them and help bring peace and healing.

But no sooner was this godly judge removed than the people lapsed right back into idolatry and God had to punish them.

Not genuine godly sorrow, only worldly sorrow

(2 Corinthians 7:10)

Many people are “crying out” to the Lord when they encounter a crisis. And that’s wonderful. But I caution us all to ensure we are crying out for the right reason!

Not for deliverance from the suffering and discomfort of it all, but for true godly sorrow in seeing the idols in all our lives.


To stop wanting only His blessings, but to WANT HIM!!!!! Above ALL else!


Read this quote from

Warren Wiersbe:

“Once again, the people of Israel cried out to God, NOT to forgive their sins, but to relieve their suffering. Had they truly repented, God would have done much more than deliver them from physical slavery. He would have liberated them from their spiritual bondage as well. To ask God for comfort and NOT cleansing is only to sow the seed of selfishness that will eventually produce another bitter harvest.”

YES, let’s cry out to God!!!!

But let’s cry out for the right reason and the right purpose.

True and godly repentance is what brings spiritual freedom and deliverance.

Life versus death!

NEVER to return back to spiritual slavery or idols.

May the Lord hear our genuine cry and have mercy on all those who desire to leave it all behind and give Him His rightful place!



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